Success Story Prettl Group

OEM, Tier 1, 2 for the Manufacturing and Appliance Industry
$500M Sales
40 Locations


Prettl Group, based in Pfullingen, Germany, is a family-owned business with diverse operations spanning automotive, electronics, energy, and industrial components. Comprising multiple specialized subsidiaries, the company is known for innovation and technological expertise in key areas such as automotive components, automation technology, renewable energy, and electronics manufacturing.


Prettl Group faced the challenge of decentralized and multiple ERP systems, which resulted in limited transparency on the whole company's spend, saving & procurement projects. Due to that, a holistic understanding of risk and cost-saving potential was difficult.


ivoflow provides a powerful blend of spend analytics, automated cost-saving, market intelligence, and project execution tools. Prettl Group successfully streamlined its ERP systems, gaining visibility for procurement savings and risk. The process also led to the development of a new analytics tool for detailed part comparison at the manufacturing level, particularly beneficial for the electronics industry.

"Our decision regarding the implementation of ivoflow was one of our most important strategic steps in the past few months. The solution orientation and professional support in the introduction and training phase from the entire ivoflow team is very positive, starting with the two founders and the technical experts in the background to the competence of our trainer. Thank you very much!"
Torsten Vorwerk
Head of Purchasing | PAS Group & CPO | PAS Cable GmbH

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