Intelligent Value Orchestration

for Procurement

ivoflow empowers manufacturing companies to effectively manage their commercial procurement performance.

Your path for automatically identifying opportunities to save costs, preventing price increases, recover from inflation, enhance supplier resilience, formulate category strategies, and prepare for smart negotiations.

We combine years of strategic procurement experience

with an AI-powered procurement software


Global supply chains are under constant pressure. Uncertain geopolitical factors, rising energy and highly volatile raw material costs as well as increasing global competition – all these challenges make global supply chains and the procurement of goods risky and unpredictable.


We have built an intuitive Procurement Management System that enriches all internal procurement data with external market intelligence data. This way, our procurement software can automatically identify value delivery initiatives as well as new cost saving opportunities for your spend categories.

Identify Procurement Potentials

and build a modern procurement management solution.

Procurement Data Ecosystem

All internal ERP data, external market intelligence data and third party solutions are streamlined into one central platform. The foundation for a successful procurement analytics solution.

Procurement Spend Analytics

Real time data analytics, dashboards, KPIs and advanced recommendations for your categories, suppliers and prices to enable faster decision making and strategy creation.

AI in Procurement

The Procurement Intelligence Engine is your in-depth automated procurement toolbox to automatically evaluate, analyze and interpret the combined internal and external data sets to identify new value delivery opportunities or procurement risks.

Actionable Insights

Each new opportunity which is automatically identified by our algorithms is readily calculated and visualized. Users are getting notified, so they are always on top of ever-changing markets and ready to execute their individual strategies and negotiations.

Collaboration Hub

Execute, implement and track each of your procurement projects from start to finish. Using our Kanban-Board to collaboratively manage your procurement and saving projects and initiatives.

Our advanced procurement analytics software will save you time and money.

We ensure a quick ROI and increased profitability by constantly monitoring your procurement data and highlight new cost saving potentials as soon as they arise.


spend data imported & analyzed.


unique Procurement Intelligence Tools developed.


Average return of invest for our clients


in new cost-savings identified on the entire direct spend.

Trusted by leading organizations.

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Why our clients work with us?

More than just a procurement software.

We consult, co-create and develop innovation together with our clients. We listen to your problems and adapt our procurement software exactly to your needs and challenges.

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Hear from our clients and partners

about our procurement software and our services

"ivoflow did not bring change, it was the change. We now have direct visibility into all of our categories in all of our global locations. Actionable insights are found in just a couple of seconds instead of time-consuming analysis."

Achim Bielesch

Global Vice President Corporate Purchasing, Prettl Group

"Our decision regarding the implementation of ivoflow was one of our most important strategic steps in the past few months. The solution orientation and professional support in the introduction and training phase from the entire ivoflow team is very positive, starting with the two founders and the technical experts in the background to the competence of our trainer. Thank you very much!"

Torsten Vorwerk

Senior Director Procurement | PAS Group

“I've been using this analytics tool for several months now and it has exceeded my expectations. The user-friendly interface, customizable dashboards and accurate data reporting have made analyzing our business performance a breeze. I highly recommend this tool to anyone looking for a reliable, efficient and more over intelligent analytics solution.”

Oliver Casper

Head of Purchasing | TROX GmbH

“As a medium size company, Taelim has limited resource for procurement management with lack of long-term & strategic approach. After implementing ivoflow, our purchasing department has been sharpened more focusing on negotiation and strategic planning rather than research and reporting. Most importantly, I can now rely on the system with transparency, exploring new cost improvement potentials based on logical approach with real-time market data.”

Jin Oh

President | Taelim Industrial Co. Ltd

"Game Changer. A procurement software solution that will address today’s complexity and pain points with the ability to reach #nextlevelofpurchasing."

Dirk Ringelkamp

Automotive Executive Purchasing | Founder of DQM Consulting GmbH

„ivoflow’s intuitive procurement intelligence platform uses advanced technology to create and manage data-driven ideas that deliver real impact. The ivoflow solution is an essential element in the digital procurement stack."

Lance Younger

CEO ProcureTech

Our procurement software solution

is completely certified.

Our certifications complement the very high information security standard we have at ivoflow. Confidentiality, availability and integrity of data have the highest priority in safeguarding while working with our customers.

We bring together years of procurement experience

and artificial intelligence.

„With ivoflow we do not only provide a procurement software. We  share best practices based on our own intensive global automotive procurement experience and we are excited to co-create innovation with our clients to become the most suitable digital procurement solution.”

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on procurement technology trends.

Team working on a procurement project
September 17, 2023

Advanced Analytics Accelerator powered by ProcureTech

Join the 7-weeks revolution in Corporate Procurement. Advanced Analytics Accelerator powered by ProcureTech.

August 25, 2023

Press Release: Launching new brand name ‚ivoflow’.

Effective August 25th we will be operating under our new brand name ‚ivoflow’.

June 13, 2023

Big Data in Procurement

In today's digital age, data has become the lifeblood of industries, organizations, and societies. With the rapid advancement of technology and the exponential growth of information, we find ourselves amidst an era defined by the sheer magnitude and complexity of data.

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