Success Story Voltaira Group

Tier 1 for the Automotive Industry
$360M Sales
11 Manufacturing Sites


The Voltaira Group is headquartered in Pfullingen, Germany and specializes in the development, production, and distribution of complex cable solutions for the international mobility industry. The company focuses on various applications, including electromobility, active and passive safety, driver assistance systems, motor and drive systems, as well as emissions reduction and fuel efficiency.


The Voltaira Group encountered the issue of having decentralized and multiple ERP systems, leading to a need for more transparency across the entire company regarding spend & savings. This decentralized structure made it challenging to comprehensively understand risks and identify the full potential for cost savings.


ivoflow presents an ideal blend of spend analytics, thorough automation for cost-saving, complemented by current market intelligence, and a tool for project execution. The Voltaira Group successfully consolidated its ERP systems, gaining essential visibility into procurement savings and risks. During the course of this transformation, a bespoke analytics tool was developed, tailored to the specific needs of the Voltaira Group.

"ivoflow did not bring change, it was the change. We now have direct visibility into all of our categories in all of our global locations. Actionable insights are found in just a couple of seconds instead of time-consuming analysis.“
Achim Bielesch
Global Senior Vice President Purchasing Voltaira group

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