The ivoflow partner ecosystem

digital procurement at a new level

With the ivoflow partner ecosystem we are enhancing our clients experience through collective innovation in the digital procurement world.

Market Intelligence

made accessible.

Data Providers

ivoflow offers you a seamless integration of external market intelligence such as raw materials indices, energy cost, logistics and duties. The data is streamlined into one database and mapped to your individual commodities or parts.


MBI is a highly specialized information service provider. MBI provides market participants with up-to-date, high-quality specialist information in the areas of steel and non-ferrous metals, energy and agriculture.


Calculate Import Duty and Tax Easily. HS Code classification becomes a simple task, duty rate calculations are now fast and easy to find. Integrating services into your business system has never been easier.


With 25+ years of FX and currency experience, XE´s currency exchange rate API provides real-time, accurate and reliable currency exchange data for hundreds of worldwide currencies. XE’s proprietary rates are sourced directly from financial data providers and central banks.


Calculate, evaluate and plan your routes to improve your transportation cost and enhance your business efficiency.

Integrity Next

Boost Supply Chain Sustainability. Integrity Next empowers companies with an ESC risk management platform to improve supply chain sustainability and meet regulatory ESC requirements.


Seamlessly integrated CO2e Management. Start to measure, optimize and manage product and value chain footprints with the largest CO2e database.


costdata is an international full service provider for product and service calculation. Depending on your needs, you will receive the necessary software tools, worldwide benchmark data and consulting services in order to realize optimal product and service prices.


State of the Art Automotive Planning. Connected Digital Planning Solutions for Tier 1,2,3 Automotive Suppliers.

Integrate ivoflow

boost productivity.

Third Party Solutions

Procurement automation will change the way you – and your tools – work.

Data integration

made simple.

Middleware Provider

Boost your efficiency in data handling and generate maximum data quality. Seamless integration of ivoflow into your existing ERP-Landscape.

Scheer PAS

Scheer PAS is a unique new platform that provides ready-made business functions and pre-build business capabilities for various business needs such as integration and  & API management, as well as process automation so that companies can design processes flexibly, future-proof and resiliently, in order to become a Composable Enterprise.


Proclane is an SAP-certified ERP Middleware provider and leading company for ERP data integration. Proclane has its headquarters in Hamburg,Germany and, as a middleware expert, has been developing many adapters and connectors for numerous ERP systems since 2007. Customers include numerous well-known global companies from the B2B sector. 


ProcureTech is on a mission to accelerate and amplify the digital future of procurement. We shift procurement performance through the design and implementation of digital procurement blueprints, procuretech stacks and road maps, that incorporate the dynamic, data-driven insights from 1,000s of digital procurement solutions.​

Tsetinis Consulting

Tsetinis consultants are experts in performance excellence. We build on unique experiences as lead advisors for the automotive industry, consequently combining best-practice thinking with the quest for distinction in innovation – for products, processes, structures, and business models.

DQM Consulting

Long-term procurement expertise and management know how in the automotive industry combined with the passion for inspiring people. Our solutions offer new insights to empower your business.

Durch Denken Vorne Consult

Durch Denken Vorne Consult is your innovative management consultancy for all aspects of purchasing, product cost optimization, supply chain and digitization.

Procurement Transformation,

digital, sustainable.

Consulting Partners

Procurement transformation is the process of implementing changes and improvements to the way an organization procures goods and services, builds strategies and executes negotiations. To ensure a successful transformation program ivoflow joins forces with industry leading consultancies.

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