The Proof-of-Concept

for sustainable success

The Proof of Concept (PoC) is a feasibility check using your actual data. It enables informed long-term project decisions. During the POC, we'll identify cost-saving opportunities based on your data to help determine a strong business case.

The Proof of Concept at ivoflow

Software fees are an investment and so is the introduction: It requires a lot of resources and, in the best case, professional change management. In order to provide our customers with the best possible support before they actually decide on the software, ivoflow offers a proof of concept (PoC). It gives you the opportunity to test our software with your real data in a customer-specific demo environment in order to get to know the application and familiarize stakeholders with the system. For our customers, the PoC is completed in a very short time and the results are fully visible in just 4 weeks. At article number level, we check the potential for your spend based on various negotiation levers (exchange rates/dual sourcing/benchmark/material cost) as part of an evaluation and aggregate this to product groups and suppliers. This gives you an overview of your savings potential across various product groups and allows you to compare this with the investment costs.

Good to know: The return on investment for ivoflow projects is 1:30.

Your advantages of a proof of concept

Feasibility check of the ivoflow software using your own data

Why agree on a proof of concept?

Return on investment

The proof of concept provides you with an initial assessment of savings potentials, which you can use to determine the ROI.

Prospect of success

You can use your representative data set to check whether the ivoflow concept will lead to a successful project in the long term

Feasibility Check

We give decision-makers the opportunity to evaluate the solution and assess whether our system fits your requirements and objectives

Minimal resources

Quick setup of the demo environment without ERP integration


100% of the cost of the POC will be reimbursed should you decide to implement the software.


Create a solid basis for comparing ivoflow with other solutions

Our advanced procurement analytics software will save you time and money.

We ensure a quick ROI and increased profitability by constantly monitoring your procurement data and highlight new cost saving potentials as soon as they arise.


visibility into your savings potential


weeks until report-out


approx. investment


return on investment with go-live

How a Proof-of-Concept works

Week 1 | Start POC

Nomination of Project Teams, NDA Sign off, Alignment on Categories for the PoC

Week 2

Secure data submission of the selected categories, ivoflow to build customer specific demo environment

Week 3-4

Data import, cleansing, and validation, preparation for PoC Report out Meeting

Week 4 | End of POC

PoC report out meeting with customer project.- and leadership team, Implementation decision

Data Security & Quality

Our certificates

Our aim is to guarantee our customers outstanding quality and data security for our products and services. ivoflow is ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified and has successfully passed external IT pentests by binsec GmbH to ensure the security of all data. binsec GmbH is an established IT security company from Frankfurt am Main with well-known customers, including banks and insurance companies.

ISO Certificate 9001
ISO Certificate 27001

FAQ on the Proof-of-Concept

How long does the entire process take until PoC-Report-Out?
How many resources do we need?
What are the costs for the customer?
What is my greatest added value?
Where is my data hosted?
Portrait Picture of Adrian Hommen, Head of Customer Projects at ivoflow

Your contact during the PoC

As Head of Customer Projects, Adrian Hommen is responsible for ensuring that customers can use our procurement software successfully. Adrian is responsible for technical project management and is involved in software development in order to map specific customer requirements in the software. He is also responsible for data management and preparing proof of concept environments.

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