Spend Analytics

Cost savings at the push of a button

Enable your purchasing organization to optimize strategic purchasing decisions: through real-time data analysis, dashboards and automatically generated recommendations for action. Our software provides you with personalized visualizations and reports in real time on your direct spend and various KPIs and shows potential savings - without additional time and effort. Navigate between different dashboards at product group, supplier and part levels to gain comprehensive insights into your spend and identify cost drivers and risks.

The spend analytics dashboards

enable you to make data-based decisions.

Categories and part families

Clear and intuitive dashboards and lists give you direct access to product groups and parts families. The drill-down function provides you with information at part number level and a quick insight into framework agreements with your suppliers.

Part numbers

The dashboard provides you with a holistic overview at part number level, including:

  • Localization rate
  • Dual sourcing rate
  • Deviation from target price or cost model
  • Price trends
  • Insight into all orders and contracts
  • Comparison and creation of offers and benchmarks


The supplier dashboard or supplier lists provide easy access and control over suppliers and their individual supplier codes.

  • Prices and terms of payment
  • Overview of your suppliers' expenditure and savings
  • Financial stability
  • Deviations from target agreements
  • Compliance and sustainability
  • Part families and high runners
  • Cost saving potentials and risks

Supply chains

The "Supply chains" function visualizes the complex supply chains of your direct suppliers. It provides insight into the supply flows from the supplier's plant to your production sites. In the event of geopolitical crises, force majeure or ailing suppliers, you can obtain an overview of potential risks or regions.

Your Benefits

  • Standardized data as a basis for quick decision-making
  • Time savings through standardization and automation of data preparation
  • Immediate access to data through centralization in a single source of truth
"ivoflow did not bring change, it was the change. We now have direct visibility into all of our categories in all of our global locations. Actionable insights are found in just a couple of seconds instead of time-consuming analysis.“
Achim Bielesch
Global Senior Vice President Purchasing Voltaira group

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Modern Procurement Platform Stack
June 4, 2023

ivoflow has been named as a Core Procurement Intelligence Platform

ivoflow has been listed by Dr. Elouise Epstein and Kearney as one of the Core Intelligence Platforms within the Modern Procurement Platform Stack.

May 4, 2023

Unlocking Insights and Driving Strategic Decisions: The Power of Procurement Analytics

Procurement analytics can be summarized as the process of utilizing data analysis techniques and tools to gain insights into the procurement process and spendings of an organization.

January 9, 2023

How to mitigate Inflation

While an uncertain pandemic and ongoing wars threaten economic recovery, companies are scrambling to cope with rising commodity prices, supply constraints, and higher wages due to labor shortages.

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