Strategic Procurement

We have developed a high-powered, innovative procurement analytics software based on decades of industry experience.

The complexity keeps increasing

We reinvented the strategic procurement software


As global procurement managers working in the automotive industry, we were frustrated with all the data management and reporting our teams had to do on a daily basis. We found many tools on the market to digitize the operational purchasing, but what about software solutions to manage the strategic spend? What about tools that go below the surface, on a cost break down level and with a bottom-up approach, while not losing the focus on what needs to be accomplished? The complexity keeps increasing, yet we are using most of the same tools we had 15 to 20 years ago.


We started to put a team together of established software developers, designers and purchasing professionals. With extensive product development and through many workshops, brainstorming sessions, and industry feedback, we developed a product that is both unique and innovative. We created a strategic procurement software that can be tailored to each company, that empowers each purchasing professional and supports each user to manage their strategic spend more effectively and more efficiently than ever before.

Our Mission

Along with a global team of driven, creative software developers, our mission is to help solve global manufacturing companies' common pain points.

Based on our own extensive global automotive purchasing experience, we understand unstructured and disrupted data sets, ambitious cost-saving-targets and complex global markets.

Using our software solution, customers can manage their spend strategically to gain full transparency, insights into new value-delivery-opportunities and stay on top of ever changing markets.

Our Competences


Based on our extensive strategic procurement background, we established a very well understanding of the real challenges global procurement organizations have to tackle. That gives us the ability to innovate solutions addressing problems at its roots.


The procurement software landscape is constantly evolving. New technologies are emerging to streamline processes, increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness. ivoflow leverages and integrates those solutions to keep your procurement organization ahead of time.

Global Network

ivoflow has established a solid network of global partners, clients, and consultants. We can gain access to critical information ahead of time to provide our clients with the best solutions and experience possible.

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Meet the Leadership Team

Our team is customer-focused, value-oriented, and believes anything is possible. We bring together extensive procurement experience and latest software technology.

Adrian Hommen
Adrian Hommen
Leadership - Data Science
Head of Customer Projects
Daniel Demuth
Daniel Demuth
Co-Founder and Managing Director
Head of Operations
Nicolas Neubauer
Nicolas Neubauer
Co-Founder and Managing Director
Head of Business Development

Winner of the 2022 and 2023 ProcureTech Advanced Analytics Accelerator.

ivoflow was named the winner of the 2022 and 2023 Advanced Analytics Accelerator with Walmart and Jaguar Land Rover. The ProcureTech ACCELERATOR is a fast-track program for innovative, digital procurement solutions to connect, collaborate and co-create with the world’s leading corporates. Solving enterprise digital challenges using collective intelligence and experience to propel the next generation of digital procurement solutions.

ivoflow was nominated out of a selection process that included 30+ solution providers.

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