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ivoflow is an intuitive AI-powered Procurement Intelligence Software which drives actionable value delivery and cost reduction initiatives. A seamless flow of data to opportunity realization.

Your Benefits

Your Benefits

Fast to implement and easy to use

Designed for a fast implementation into your existing ecosystem. Its modern user interface is intuitive and easy to use.

Adjustable to your needs

We adapt reporting structures, KPI´s and industry-specific analytics to enable the best value for your company.

Immediate Value

Due to the continuous real-time data screening the procurement intelligence engine will provide you with measurable cost-down initiatives from day one.

From disrupted data to actionable insights.

Seven steps to your success.

Our core product functions.

Step 01: Integration

The Procurement Data Ecosystem

All your internal transactional and master ERP-data, such as supplier master data, parts master data and purchase orders are imported automatically, cleansed and centrally stored.

External procurement market intelligence data such as raw material pricing, logistics & duty, exchange rates, and energy costs are streamlined into the database and mapped to  individual commodities, parts and suppliers.

Third party solutions and operational procurement suites for S2C, P2P, SRM, ESG, risk or sustainability can be integrated into ivoflow.

The foundation for a successful procurement analytics solution.

Step 2: Structure

The Procurement Architecture

With the Procurement Architecture, we ensure commodities are built and teams are setup according to your company and commodity codes and business units. Easily understand roles and responsibilities, adjust team and commodity structures and generate a solid foundation.

Ready to build user-centric transparency and provide focus to each of your procurement professionals.

Step 3: Advanced Procurement Analytics

The Procurement Control Tower

Enable strategic procurement decision making through real-time data analytics, dashboards and advanced recommendations.

Personalized dashboards, visualizations and real time reporting of aggregated spend, saving and KPI data without additional time and efforts. Navigate between commodity, supplier and part specific dashboards to get ultimate insights from the top of your spend into purchase orders and cost drivers.

Step 4: Intelligence

The Procurement Intelligence Engine

Algorithms to identify new value delivery opportunities. The Procurement Intelligence Engine is an automated procurement toolbox analyzing and interpreting the internal and external datasets to identify new value delivery opportunities.

  • Saving Intelligence: Identification of new cost saving opportunities or commercial risk.
  • Operational Intelligence: Automated identification of urgent operational tasks to be executed.
  • Strategy Intelligence: In-depth analytics to identify relevant strategic initiatives to achieve your corporate targets.

Step 5: Actionable Insights

User Notification

Each new opportunity that is automatically identified by our algorithms is readily calculated and visualized. Users are getting notified, so they are always on top of ever-changing markets and ready to execute their individual strategies and negotiations.

Step 6: Implementation

The Collaboration Hub

Execute, implement and track each of your projects from start to finish using the Collaboration Hub. A Kanban Board to collaboratively manage your procurement and saving projects from gravel to grave. The perfect blend of a procurement savings tracker, planning and project management tool.

Effective collaboration at a whole new level.

Step 7: Negotiation and Strategy Execution

One Button Reporting

One button reporting for your internal strategy or external supplier meetings. Get a full supplier or category analysis and overview including all relevant leverage points at the push of a button.‍

Supplier-Report-Out’s include
  • Spend and Saving Development
  • Category and Part Family Breakdown
  • KPI Development
  • Saving and Project Roadmap
  • Supplier specific leverage-points on part number level
  • Mandatory document overview e.g. Ts&Cs acceptance
Strategy-Report-Out’s include
  • Spend and Saving Development
  • Category and Part Family Breakdown
  • KPI Development

The ivoflow procurement ecosystem.

The perfect blend of market intelligence data and third party solution providers.

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“There is no perfect product for everyone.

But for everyone we can build a perfect product.”

Nicolas Neubauer | Co-Founder

Much more than just spend analytics.

Build your own modern procurement management system.

Additional features

Cost Break Down Intelligence

Using the Cost Break Down Intelligence feature you can easily import and and compare complex cost break downs. Receive a gap analysis and key takeaways at your fingertips and be fully prepared for your supplier negotiations. 

Supply Chain Risk Analytics

Be instantly prepared to understand the potential exposures of certain suppliers or regions in case of geopolitical instabilities, force majeures or financially distressed suppliers.

Procurement KPI Dashboard

Fully customizable Procurement Performance KPI Tracking at any level: Savings Performance, Quality, Delivery, Claims and many more.

Capacity Management

Get automatic alerts in case of capacity shortages. Your supplier capacities are always measured and tracked against our forecasts and releases.

CO2 Platform Integration

Scope 3 Product-Carbon-Footprint PCF calculation based on supplier ERP data, material information, cost breakdowns and logistics information.

BOM Management

Program and project purchasing module to drive initiatives at BOM level. Understand how market dynamics impact your BOMs, product cost and profitability.

ESG and Financial Risk

Integration and mapping of ESG and Risk data to your supplier data  to generate risk alerts and drive KPI improvement and pre-alerts.

Our Service

With our service we promise to find the best possible solution for every organization. Rely on the highest quality and a wide range of services at all times.

  • Maturity Level Check
  • Implementation
  • Training
01 | Maturity Level Check

Every organization and industry is at a different maturity level, has individual challenges and a unique IT-Landscape. ivoflow supports its clients within their transition from its current maturity level to the next level.

02 | Implementation

Based on the company's maturity level, we will implement and configure our product and tools to enable each unique client to receive the maximum outcome from our solution.

03 | Training

To establish know-how and to ensure the adoption of our tool we develop a individual training plan to boost user experience and results.

Rollout Process

The entire implementation and deployment process is managed by the ivoflow team. We ensure that our customers resources are only utilized at a minimum level.

From proof to value. A five step process. Go Live in 8 weeks
Proof of Concept

Try our software with your data. Make sound decisions about the implementation of the long-term project and avoid bad investments.

Kick-off and Scoping

Alignment of project, values and commercial terms. Change requests can be submitted and will be validated.

Configuration and Development

The customer product will be deployed and APIs will be connected. Data is imported and validated.

Roll Out

Test run to identify potential improvements. Market Intelligence Data and Procurement Intelligence Tools will be configured.

Go-Live and Hypercare

Go-Live of all users including in-depth user training. The 60 days hypercare phase is starting.

Empowering strategic procurement

to reach the next maturity level.

Data Quality

High data quality is essential for accurate and precise analysis. ivoflow helps organizations to achieve better data quality and to utilize its full potential. We are used to work with differently structured and disrupted ERP-Data and Systems.

Education and Know-How

ivoflow isn't just a procurement tool; we enable organizations to transfer knowledge and educate procurement professionals to successfully manage their strategic spend portfolio.

Return of Invest

After your procurement data has been linked to our database and ecosystem, ivoflow’s intelligence engine provides you with new cost-saving opportunities. Within weeks, you’ll see a significant ROI, better efficiency and a strategic advantage for your procurement team.

Prettl Group Procurement Transformation

Prettl group evaluated various solutions and ended up with ivoflow as the preferred choice. A perfect combination of spend analytics, in depth cost savings automation paired with up-to-date market intelligence and a project execution tool in a well-integrated platform.

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