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Where is your market data coming from?
How quickly will I see an ROI?
Which third party providers are you working with?
What are your main features?
Is your solution only about cost savings?
Can you describe your product in one sentence?


Which database technology are you using?
How do you clean data?
Will my data be secure?
What ERP systems can you work with?
I have unstructured ERP-data - is that a problem?
We have multiple ERP-systems in different divisions, regions and countries - how can ivoflow support them?
Do we have to manually upload data?
How does ivoflow extract data?
Is ivoflow a Cloud or On-Premise Solution?
Where do you host our data?
How long does implementation take?


What do you charge for the implementation into our IT Landscape?
What is the pricing structure for your services?

About ivoflow

Do you offer an out of the box solution or do you co-create with your customers?
What is your USP?
I want to know more about your customers' experiences. Can I get in contact?
How is ivoflow certified?
Why should I work with ivoflow?

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