So können digitale Tools den Fokus eines strategischen Einkäufers neu ausrichten
March 26, 2024

How can digital tools realign the focus of a strategic buyer?

Companies are now faced with the challenge of realigning the focus of their procurement organizations: away from operational processors and towards strategic drivers of business success. Nicolas Neubauer, co-founder of ivoflow, explained in his presentation at the Purchasing Summit of Mann + Hummel.

March 19, 2024

Procurement in the era of uncertainties: How digitalization can help overcome current challenges

‍To what extent can digitalization support procurement teams in identifying and driving new cost savings to increase competitiveness in volatile markets?

The Voltaira Group, an eMobility supplier based in Pfullingen, has presented a joint use case at Automotive Masterminds together with the software company ivoflow. The presentation entitled "Catalyzing Change: A proactive approach to procurement transformation with integrated data solutions" gave the expert audience an insight into the Voltaira Group's initial situation, the requirements for a software solution for strategic procurement and the results that the use of ivoflow's software ultimately achieved. The hybrid conference took place from March 5 to6 in Berlin and brought together decision-makers and industry experts from the automotive sector.
March 11, 2024
Press Release

ivoflow and Voltaira: Transforming procurement with integrated data solutions

The Voltaira Group, an eMobility supplier based in Pfullingen, has presented a joint use case at Automotive Masterminds together with the software company ivoflow.

Team celebrating award
November 9, 2023

ivoflow named among the top 100 Pioneering Digital Procurement Solutions in the 2023 ProcureTech100

From over 4,000 digital procurement solutions, ivoflow has been recognized as one of the worlds 100 pioneering digital procurement solutions for Analytics, Data and Intelligence.

Generative AI for Procurement?
October 6, 2023

The usage of generative AI in procurement

Generative AI for Procurement? A recap from the ProcureTech Founder Circle. London, October 5th, 2023.‍

ivoflow software
August 25, 2023
Press Release

Launching new brand name ‚ivoflow’.

Effective August 25th we will be operating under our new brand name ‚ivoflow’ - reflecting our vision of bringing intelligence, value, orchestration, and a seamless flow to the forefront of the digital procurement landscape.

Data Center & Server room, Connecting Data
June 13, 2023

Big Data in Procurement

In today's digital age, data has become the lifeblood of industries, organizations, and societies. With the rapid advancement of technology and the exponential growth of information, we find ourselves amidst an era defined by the sheer magnitude and complexity of data.

Modern Procurement Platform Stack
June 4, 2023

ivoflow has been named as a Core Procurement Intelligence Platform

ivoflow has been listed by Dr. Elouise Epstein and Kearney as one of the Core Intelligence Platforms within the Modern Procurement Platform Stack.

Picture showing procurement and Analytics
May 4, 2023

Unlocking Insights and Driving Strategic Decisions: The Power of Procurement Analytics

Procurement analytics can be summarized as the process of utilizing data analysis techniques and tools to gain insights into the procurement process and spendings of an organization.

Automotive Masterminds Conference
April 26, 2023

Automotive Masterminds Conference - Berlin 2023

The Automotive Masterminds Conference offers the chance for manufacturers, technology providers and industry experts, to come together and discuss the latest trends and innovations in the industry.

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