Your commodity workday

is about to get easier

Leverage the power of AI to analyze data, identify cost-saving opportunities and prepare for supplier meetings – all automatically. Spend less time wading through data and more time to execute your strategies and deliver value.
It’s time to work smarter, not harder.

Why ivoflow?

Is the amount of daily information overwhelming, confusing or redundant?

Countless Excels. Scattered PowerPoints. Numerous data files. Feel like you’re falling behind?
Perhaps you feel underprepared for supplier negotiations?

You’re not alone. The amount of data procurement professionals need to process to exceed in their role is almost impossible to achieve.

Too much Data

With millions of data points and information, the manual evaluation of all procurement relevant data is not possible.

Too many Tools

Your data comes from multiple sources, but is tricky to track and maintain.

Not enough Time

You’re spending most of your time cleaning up existing data instead of prioritizing supplier negotiations and current strategies.

Not enough Focus

Due to the data overload, it’s hard to keep the focus on what really matters.

There is an easier way.

With ivoflow.

Be ready for a modern procurement management system:

  • Individualized spend cubes tailored to your spend responsibility
  • Real-Time advanced analytics of internal data enriched with external market intelligence
  • Automatic identification and notification for new potentials
  • Benefit from a central procurement cockpit and less system breaks

Save your power

and empower your savings.

For Buyers and Managers

Reduce your workload due to automated real-time data analytics and insights. Streamline your procurement activities and enhance your productivity while increasing your strategic focus.

For Procurement Digitalization Managers

Take advantage of a seamless integration of ivoflow in your existing technology stack. Manage procurement data across disrupted systems and increase your data quality and productivity. We commit to our clients and are eager to adapt our solution to your needs.

For Consultants

Support your clients by leveraging our strategic procurement software to deliver hands-on results and to generate and drive new cost down initiatives. Increase your competitiveness in offering access to state-of-the-art procurement software to your clients.

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