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Join us in co-creating an innovative digital solution incorporating procurement intelligence and AI-driven insights at every level. Together with ProcureTech we enable companies to take their procurement to the next level within only 7 weeks. The accelerator program is suitable for companies from various industries and is not associated with any costs.

Health Care

Are you facing

any of the following challenges?

  • Significant resource and time dedicated to managing strategic spend
  • Large amounts of poor-quality data
  • Fragmented system landscape and inadequate UX across systems
  • Insufficient visibility into pricing and aggregate spend data
  • Business need to enhance direct spend measurers for: Cost Savings, Cost Avoidance, Inflation Recovery, Performance KPIs, Advanced Insights, Spend Transparency, Market Intelligence, Intelligent Negotiations

Your Benefits when joining the Accelerator:

  • Cost Savings/Avoidance
  • Inflation Recovery
  • Sustainability
  • Performance KPI's
  • Advanced Insights
  • Spend Transparency
  • Market Intelligence
  • Intelligent Negotiations

Dynamic markets and geopolitical instabilities

keep increasing the complexity in procurement.

Partner with ivoflow on ProcureTech’s ACCELERATOR program to improve profitability and enhance strategic decision making!


Background & Solution Capabilities

ivoflow empowers industrial companies to manage their commercial procurement performance efficiently.
Using global market data, ivoflow provides in-depth automated procurement intelligence to improve bottom-line profitability. ivoflow will enable you to discover new avenues for cost savings, cost avoidance, inflation recovery, supplier resilience, category strategies, and support with intelligent negotiation preparations.

Actionable Cost Measures

Utilize internal customer data and external market intelligence data to generate, drive and manage actionable cost measures

Single Source of Truth

Internal data enriched and centrally stored alongside external market intelligence streamlined in to one database

Reporting Dashboard

Visualization and real time company-wide procurement reporting dashboard

Spend Analytics

Rapid analysis and enhancement of category and supplier spend

Our Approach

  • Key corporate partners will be selected depending on the compatibility between required use case and the capabilities of ivoflow
  • Selected corporate partners will be invited to see ivoflow’s solution in action, with the opportunity to ask questions and share their pain points and use cases.
  • During the Accelerator, ivoflow will work with corporate partners to co-create a smarter, stronger digital procurement solution
  • The aim is to successfully pilot and/or begin a project with the solution provider in a 7-week accelerator program

What is the ProcureTech ACCELERATOR?

Your Application

The ACCELERATOR is a fast-track program for innovative, digital procurement practitioners and activists, to collaborate and co-create with ivoflow, leader in advanced analytics. By using collective intelligence and experience, the ACCELERATOR is the catalyst for smarter, stronger and impactful partnerships with leading corporates.

Leading corporate procurement teams are invited to submit their challenges. Please provide the following:

  • A brief overview of your procurement intelligence & analytics challenges
  • Core capabilities you are looking for in a solution provider
  • Relevant use cases where applicable
Corporate confirmation due: Q2 2024
Accelerator Fee: Free

Jaguar Land Rover


Jaguar Land Rover is the UK's largest premium car manufacturer and is represented in over 170 countries worldwide. Jaguar and Land Rover are two brands with very different characteristics: Jaguar as one of the leading manufacturers of sporty saloons and Land Rover as the world market leader in the field of sophisticated four-wheel drive vehicles. Both have one thing in common: vehicles that set new standards in their segments - in terms of technology, dynamics, comfort and design.


  • Multiple non-connected data sources within Direct, Aftermarket and Indirect
  • Missing Consistency, Availability and Reliability of Data
  • Build a future-proof scalable platform architecture


  • Generated full spend transparency across groups, suppliers and car lines
  • Automatically identified new cost save opportunities
  • Established commodity groups and a part family architecture
„During the 7 weeks accelerator project we bootstrapped a solution to generate full spend transparency across all of our procurement operations“
Lawrence Wilson
Purchasing Strategy Manager

Ready to excel in procurement?

Companies can now apply for the Q2 ACCELERATOR. Simply contact ProcureTech or ivoflow and submit your application.

At ProcureTech we are on a mission

to build the digital future of procurement.

Solving the most pressing social, environmental and economic challenges for our customers globally requires new thinking and a new platform for procurement leaders, entrepreneurs and the procuretech ecosystem.

ProcureTech catalyses digital procurement transformation through our proprietary platform of digital procurement solutions, intelligence, approaches and experts. We shift procurement performance through the design and implementation of digital procurement strategies, road maps, new procuretech stacks and digital centers of excellence.
Our approach includes the ProcureTech StrategyLAB, ACCELERATOR and SCOUT solutions, which match leading corporates with innovative digital procurement solutions to co-create and deliver smarter successful digital partnerships that scale. ProcureTech is also home to the ProcureTech100. Curated annually with Kearney, the ProcureTech100 are the 100 pioneering digital procurement solutions super charging the enterprise.

The ProcureTech platform is the one place that unites and energizes the whole digital procurement ecosystem.

Stay up to date

on procurement technology trends.

A modern manufacturing plant
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June 13, 2023

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In today's digital age, data has become the lifeblood of industries, organizations, and societies. With the rapid advancement of technology and the exponential growth of information, we find ourselves amidst an era defined by the sheer magnitude and complexity of data.

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While an uncertain pandemic and ongoing wars threaten economic recovery, companies are scrambling to cope with rising commodity prices, supply constraints, and higher wages due to labor shortages.

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