Automotive Masterminds Conference

Automotive Masterminds Conference - Berlin 2023

The Automotive Masterminds Conference offers the chance for manufacturers, technology providers and industry experts, to come together and discuss the latest trends and innovations in the industry. The Automotive Masterminds Conference is shaping up to be one of the most exciting events of the year for the automotive industry.

One of the highlights of the Automotive Mastermind Conference are the Keynotes from industry leaders and experts which speak about a variety of topics, from sales and marketing to technology and procurement innovation. These speakers provide valuable insights and perspectives on the state of the industry and where it's headed in the coming years.

This year ivoflow was happy to announce that our Co-Founder, Nicolas Neubauer, was invited to speak at the 2023 Mastermind Tech-Talks. Nicolas Neubauer emphasized the importance of modern procurement technology to stay ahead of the competition, retain talent and drive profitability.

Nicolas Neubauer speaking procurement intelflow

Here are the key take-aways

Before we talk about future technologies it is important to learn where we are coming from and what were the drivers and key economic events that shaped our current digital procurement landscape.

Automotive Procurement History

Fast forward, what are the current challenges most of the industry players are facing and why they prevent innovation in the first place.

  • Unstructured and disconnected quantitive and qualitative data
  • Lack of visualization and real time reporting
  • Intangible market dynamics and supply chain insights

To address these issues, ivoflow, the digital & future-proof procurement platform, was developed without stressing budgets or resources.

Procurement Market Dynamics Inflation Chart

At ivoflow we focus on two main ideas:

1. Integration

2. Intelligence

We break up the data silos and disconnected system and put a intelligent layer on top. As a result every buyer in a procurement organization will not only have live and up-to-date consolidated data, moreover they will receive automated insights on cost saving potentials or inflation risks.

Procurement Software Integration

In summary, the Automotive Mastermind 2023 was a success and a great opportunity for all industry professionals to learn, inform, and connect. If you're in the automotive industry, don't miss this exciting event!

See you next year.

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