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Prettl Group Procurement Transformation

The Client

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PRETTL group is a supplier of Automotive, Appliance, Electronics and Energy Solutions with around 1bn Euro turnover and 10.000 employees in 35 locations in 25 countries. PRETTL group is serving a global customer base of automotive, appliance and industrial companies.

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Automotive, Appliance, Industrial

Position in the value chain

The Challenge

PRETTL Group is using multiple different and decentralized ERP Systems, which was causing limited transparency on company-wide spend, saving & procurement projects. Thereof the collaboration between the commodity functions servings multiple divisions was restricted. As a result, a holistic understanding of risks and cost-saving-potentials out of the existing ERP and global market data could not be streamlined, resulting in untapped potentials.

The Solution

PRETTL group evaluated various solutions and ended up with ivoflow as the preferred choice. A perfect combination of spend analytics, in-depth cost savings automation paired with up-to-date market intelligence and a project execution tool in a well-integrated platform. During the 4 weeks implementation phase, ivoflow was able to demonstrate their capabilities in project management, ERP onboarding and industrial procurement. In addition, ivoflow developed a new analytics tool for PRETTL group, enabling part comparison at the manufacturing part number level, a beneficial tool for the electronics industry.

The Result

A central cloud database has been established to streamline global ERP and market data. A companywide spend, savings, risks and cost-saving-potential transparency has been generated. The collaboration between commodities and divisions has been strengthened. By providing educational user trainings and leveraging the digital procurement toolbox the organization has been strengthened and empowered to be fully in control of any situation. Finally a cost-avoidance and a cost-saving-roadmap has been established which can be executed collaboratively.

“ivoflow did not bring change, it was the change. We now have direct visibility into all of our categories in all of our global locations. Actionable insights are found in just a couple of seconds instead of time-consuming analysis.”

Achim Bielesch

Global Vice President Corporate Purchasing

Prettl Group

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