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Press Release: for publication regarding the launch of the ProcureTech100 2023 Yearbook

ProcureTech announces the 2023 ProcureTech100 – the definitive 100 pioneering digital procurement solutions

London, England

Tuesday 12th December 2023

Announced at its annual PIONEERS event, ProcureTech revealed the 2023 ProcureTech100, this year's cohort of pioneering digital procurement solutions.

About the ProcureTech100

Now in its third year, the ProcureTech100 continues to highlight the pioneers pushing the digital frontiers for procurement; the true change catalysts. These solutions are scaling adoption, applying generativeAI, digitally disrupting ways of working, driving decision intelligence, and delivering exceptional UX; all in an environment of-significant economic, social and environmental change.

“Now in its third year, the 2023 ProcureTech100 reveals the pioneers that are exceeding customer expectations and industry benchmarks.” Lance Younger, Founder& CEO, ProcureTech


How are the ProcureTech100 identified?

The 2023 ProcureTech100 is formed from over 5,000 quantitative and qualitative data sets. Statistical analysis of over 50 key points was applied, including growth, security, customer, financial and employee data. Resulting in a shortlist of approximately 200 digital solutions, this was then reviewed by the panel across 14 categories.

  • Analytics, Data and Intelligence
  • B2B Marketplaces
  • Contract and Legal
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Finance
  • Fast Growth
  • Innovation
  • Risk Management
  • Social Impact
  • Source to Pay
  • Sourcing and Cost Management
  • Strategy, Process and Performance
  • Supplier Management
  • Sustainable Procurement


The 2023 ProcureTech100 panel

This year’s panel was made up of 70+ high-profile experts including CPOs, CIOs, B2B investors and analysts – all passionate about digital procurement. They reviewed and provided feedback on the shortlist, which was then integrated with the shortlisting data points to create the ProcureTech100.

This year’s ProcureTech pioneers were also identified by 10 capabilities:


“TheProcureTech100 will help the procurement industry to identify the latest and greatest technology, data and analytics solutions that will transform our collective procurement function, create short-term benefits, and enable long-term value in the supply chain,” said DrElouise Epstein, Partner at Kearney (who have continued to collaborate withProcureTech for this annual curation).

“The procuretech market is the most interesting it’s been for quite a few years. Simultaneously, we are seeing contraction/retrenchment and sophisticated innovation/growth. Meanwhile we are entering the Age of AI (not the pretend AI that punctuated the last 5 years), which is forcing all tech providers to adapt or become increasingly irrelevant.” Dr Elouise Epstein,Partner at Kearney


ProcureTech100 PIONEERS event

Dr ElouiseEpstein participated in the annual PIONEERS online event, hosted by LanceYounger, Founder & CEO of ProcureTech, where they were joined by Marielle Beyer, Head of Global Procurement at Roche, and Sam de Frates, VP, Procurement at MARS. Here, Dr Elouise shared her thoughts onthe ever-changing digital future of procurement and imperatives for future success in organizations.

Marielle Beyer shared how Roche wants to embed digital “in our appetite and vision”, whilst Sam de Frates commented that MARS wants to be great at the basics by automating them, as well as wanting “great, powerful data so we can make better, fast decisions.”

LanceYounger's announcement of the 2023 ProcureTech100 was followed by a panel discussion on the solutions, including how they will transform procurement within their organizations and how they anticipate procuretech solutions to transform procurement in their organizational operations.

ProcureTech100 2023 Yearbook

Today, ProcureTech launches the ProcureTech100 2023 Yearbook, published by CPOstrategy.

“The ProcureTech100 Yearbook is an essential resource for your digital procurement journey, including the most innovative digital procurement solutions, proprietary research and unique insights into the procuretech ecosystem.” Lance Younger, Founder & CEO, ProcureTech

The Yearbook showcases the definitive 100 pioneering digital procurement technology, data and analytics solutions that are supercharging procurement and the enterprise. Packed with digital procurement trends and specialist procurement knowledge, the Yearbook offers essential insights into the key components that will deliver outstanding performance for your procurement journey, plus a deep dive into each category, how the ProcureTech100 was selected, and more information about this year’s pioneers.

The Yearbook can now be accessed on CPOstrategy.


For procurement professionals wanting to learn more about the evolving digital procurement ecosystem and the world of procuretech, they can also sign up to ProcureTechSOURCE, the ultimate place for the digital procurement ecosystem.


Follow ProcureTech on LinkedIn for weekly digital procurement insights.




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At ProcureTech we are on a mission to accelerate and amplify the digital future of procurement.

Solving the most pressing social, environmental and economic challenges requires new thinking and a new platform for procurement leaders, entrepreneurs and the procuretech ecosystem.

ProcureTech catalyses digital procurement transformation through our proprietary platform of digital procurement solutions, intelligence, approaches and experts.

We shift procurement performance through the design and implementation of digital procurement blueprints, procuretech stacks and road maps, that incorporate the dynamic, data-driven insights from 1,000s of digital procurement solutions.

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