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Launching new brand name ‚ivoflow’.

Dear Valued Customers and Partners,

Effective August 25th, we will begin operating under our new brand name ‚ivoflow’. We are very proud of our original brand and customers that got us to this point. We started to transform and shape the digital procurement market as Lhotse Analytics. Our initial product, an advanced analytics solution, was just our starting point in the digital procurement space. Meanwhile our product has grown into a state-of-the art procurement intelligence platform.

Why are we changing?

Times have changed, and so have we. The last 3 years have been exciting and packed with amazing milestones. In this period, we have grown beyond procurement analytics to a successful company with lots of amazing new features & functions, clients & partners. We feel like we have outgrown our original name and are happy to share our new name - ivoflow - that fits our brand and product much better.

Why ivoflow?

ivoflow reflects our innovative and dynamic qualities and leaves plenty of room for growth. We chose the name ivoflow for our venture in the digital procurement space to encapsulate the core principles driving our innovation.

"I" represents intelligence, reflecting our commitment to harnessing advanced technologies and data analytics for insightful decision-making in procurement. "V" stands for value, emphasizing our dedication to delivering tangible benefits and cost efficiencies to our clients. The letter "O" signifies orchestration, symbolizing the strategic coordination and optimization of procurement processes and decentralized data. Lastly, "Flow" embodies the seamless progression from data to opportunity realization, highlighting our focus on creating a smooth and efficient journey from the initial stage of identifying new potentials to the successful realization. ivoflow reflects our vision of bringing intelligence, value, orchestration, and a seamless flow to the forefront of the digital procurement landscape.

What to Expect

Uninterrupted Service

There will be no disruption to the products and services you currently receive from us. There are no changes to our legal entity and structure, existing contracts, customer agreements, to our pricing, or to our terms and conditions.

New Online Presence

We will unveil our new brand identity on our website and across our social media platforms. Please follow us on linkedin.com/company/ivoflow/ to stay updated and visit our website www.ivoflow.com.

Updated Documentation

Over the coming weeks, you will gradually see our new brand name on official communications, invoices, and other documentation.

Updated E-Mail-Addresses

Our email addresses will change to firstname.lastname@ivoflow.com. Phone numbers, will remain unchanged.

We truly appreciate the trust and support you have placed in us over the years, and we are excited to embark on this journey with you. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly or your usual point of contact. Our mission, values, and dedication to delivering high-quality solutions remain unwavering.

Thank you for being an integral part of our story. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership under our new brand name.

Best Regards,

Nicolas Neubauer & Daniel Demuth

Managing Partners

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